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  In 1949, Karl Heilmeier, an engineer, and Wilhelm Weinlein, a merchant, founded the company "Heilmeier und Weinlein, Fabrik for Oelhydraulik GmbH & Co. KG" in Munich. Their idea: to create a tailor-made hydraulic solution for every application and every problem. Their material of choice: steel. With a true pioneering spirit, innovative ideas, and above all emphasis on product quality, the young company rapidly conquered the market and built a loyal customer base.

  Since then, more than 60 years have passed. The little factory has become one of the leading manufacturers in the hydraulics industry, better known under the brand name "HAWE Hydraulik". The company currently has about 2,100 employees working in Germany and at sales locations throughout the world. A traditional company like HAWE can regard the general trend towards globalisation as both a challenge and a great opportunity.

  With our broad sales network, we are very flexible in responding to the ever-changing requirements of the international markets. Our network now consists of five sales offices in Germany and 14 subsidiaries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region. We took a big step overseas – especially to Asia-Pacific – and this proved successful. Today, we collaborate with more than 30 independent sales partners worldwide.

  In October 2008 HAWE became a European Stockholding Company (SE). Being an integral part of globalisation places the company on course for the future giving it global presence and a legal and capital structure that procures worldwide recognition.

  The company's main products include high pressure valves, pumps and power set, zero leakage seat valve, electronic control valve for directional proportional valve and mobile use, axial piston pump and auxiliary pump. Modular design aims and other HAWE HAWE products accessories compatible.

  HAWE LHK balancing valve (hydraulic control unloading), product data management (PDM) and PDMP proportional pressure valve (three-way proportional pressure reducing valve), RH hydraulic control one-way valve, RZ type dual stage pump, R type hydraulic pump (radial piston pump), SE and SEH type proportional speed control valve, the WPN slide valve type electromagnetic reversing valve, TQ type diverter valve, all kinds of control mode cut-off type directional control valve, the cut-off of the reversing valve, DG type electro-hydraulic pressure relay.