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  Loyalty by transformation. With almost 200 years of experience, LESER ranks among the pioneers of mechanical engineering in Germany. The company started in Germany in 1818 as a brass foundry and developed a product portfolio of components of mechanical equipment and machines during the "industrial revolution".

  In 1885 the company developed its first safety valve for the protection of steam boilers. Even at that early date, LESER products were working for the safety of man and the environment. Since the 1970's LESER has specialized only in safety valves.

  Safety Valve with Flanged Connections Type 441

  Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves According to API 526 Type 526

  Safety Valves with Threaded Connections Type 437,459/462

  Safety Valves for Sanitary/Clean Service Type 483,484,485,488

  Safety Valves for Critical Service Conditions Type 447

  Change-Over Valves Type 310,311

  POSV Pilot Operated Safety Valves