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  AEG contactors, circuit breakers,

  The company AEG specializing in the production of electric tools, which have outstanding durability and reliability. It represents a long working life, high work efficiency, and to improve security maximal. The AEG professional power tools in Germany are based on the user's hand to design, they are the best position of the switch and through the handle design allows the operator to use more convenient. Compact design, super light weight, and quiet motor make the work easier.

  Moreover, the German AEG professional power tools also have rich innovative spirit: patented rapid handling systems to ensure that the tools can be replaced in a few seconds; the patented AVS anti-vibration system, which can up to 50% reduction in vibration; quickly detailed tables can make the motor stop in tenths of seconds.

  In short, in use of German AEG professional electric tools,you can feel the real joy when you achieve success. Have a Look you can find that this series will provide you with any kind of application of the most superior tools, as well as a complete range of matching accessories.