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  KRACHT GmbH has been in business for close to 100 years. 100 years in which our engineers have pushed innovation forward and have influenced technical revolutions. Concentrated expertise passed on through generations, a passion for movement and identification with corporate values: This is what represents our staff and our success.

  We at KRACHT, a medium-sized, family-run business, are a globally active company with 280

  employees working at the Werdohl based head office in Germany and another 85 members of staff in China, USA and Hungary.

  As a manufacturer of transfer pumps, hydraulic motors, high pressure gear pumps, valves, pump units, flow meters and electronics, we attach great importance to quality and to satisfy all our customers' requirements.

  KRACHT was established in 1911 in Germany, is the world famous fluid control professional manufacturers, main products are hydraulic system, flow meters, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic motor, check valves, superposition valve, reversing valve, proportional valve, butterfly valve, pressure reducing valve, cylinder, oil cylinder, centrifugal pump, pump, hydraulic motor,, pump, gear pump, low pressure pump, high pressure gear pump, gear motor.

  KRACHT main product categories:

  KF series low-voltage transmission pump, centrifugal pump,

  SPV/SPVF series pressure valve,

  VC series flow meter,

  KP series high pressure gear pump,

  KM series gear motor, sandwich valve, pressure reducing valve, etc

  KRACHT gear pump series: 2 FC R1 VCA, VCG 2 FC P2, PS, VC0.2 F1 VC0.4 F4 PS's VC1 F4 PS, SD1 - I - 24, KF12 BF 2, KF series

  KRACHT low-voltage transmission pump: 0/0.5 - KF0 KF / 4, KF a quarter - KF1/24 coated, KF 4-8, KF - KF6 3/100/630, 63 - KF6 KF3 / / 30, whose optimized.

  KRACHT high-pressure gear pump: 1 - KP0 KP0 / / 8, 1.5 KP1 KP1 / / 22, KP2/20 - KP2/62, 58 - KP3 KP3 / / 125, KP5/160 - KP5/300

  KRACHT pressure-reducing valve: HV/HVF, DBD 06, DBD 10, 20, DBD SPV/SPVF

  KRACHT gear motor: 5.5 KM1 KM1 / / 22, KM1 with thermovalve fan motor), KM1 with thermovalve and rotation switch, fan motors)