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  Over the past few decades, the company has grown to system integrators based on software. Using the modern technology, we could customize system engineering as the customer request. One of the most important asset is our 190 employees, who prove their ability, every day in four locations. The KLEINKNECHT group generate about sales 4 billion euros a year.

  KLEINKNECHT company product categories:

  Mechanical and electrical products and equipment:

  Cabinet manufacture of cold / hot rolling mill furnace technology / Compensation System Gas Industry / compressor station / processing Maschines / manipulator paper industry / Press the steel pipe manufacturing technology / stripline hydroforming / Water production and testing systems / waste water system:

  Polishing Machine / discharge technology (EDT machine) / Logistics / Material Handling renovation / modernization of robotic applications /testing technology roll grinder

  Technical Services:

  Installation / Commissoning / services / electrical networks and process hardware / software planning and design / Mechanical / Power Quality (PQ)

  KLEINKNECHT transformer provides power for all mechanical equipment, electrical control components. It has Small size, excellent performance, wiring safe, reliable and convenient features.

  KLEINKNECHT transformers are converted AC voltage, current and impedance of the device, when the primary coil with alternating current, the core (or cores) and then generates an alternating magnetic flux induced in the secondary coil voltage (or current). KLEINKNECHT transformer from the core (or cores) and a coil composed of two or more coil windings, wherein the power supply is called the primary winding coil, called the secondary windings of the other.

  KLEINKNECHT transformer Category: Classification by cooling: Dry (self-cooling) transformers, oil (from the cold) transformer, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformer. Classification by moisture-proof way: Open-type transformers, potting transformers, sealed transformers. Classification by Core or coil structure: core type transformer (core inserts, type core, ferrite core), shell-type transformer (core inserts, type core, ferrite core), the ring transformers, transformer metal foil.