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Alfred JÄGER

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  Alfred JÄGER GmbH company is headquartered in Germany, Hesse. The main productions are manual spindle and equipped with automatic coupling.

  Alfred JÄGER GmbH has more than 100 employees. For over 40 years we have been representing innovation and tradition in the global machine tool manufacturing industry:

  These foundation pillar has made the company – now we are already in the second generation of leaders –has became the world's leading under the management of the high frequency spindle manufacturer. Our products can make all kinds of material, carve, drilling and grinding milling machining to achieve high quality.

  "No JÄGER spindle no quality at all" - our old customers have such experience. We will continue to enrich the good experience, and even beyond. So we are trying to improve ourself every day.

  Alfred JÄGER GmbH Other products include: machine manual tool, machine tool automatic tool changer, spindle motors, machine tool turret and cooling devices.

  Alfred JÄGER GmbH spindle motor areas of application: PCB printed circuit board processing, mold manufacturing, automobile tires, windshield, attachment/mold manufacture, precision machine tool manufacturing, and precious stones jewelry polishing, etc.

Alfred JÄGER