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  Professional high pressure technology for industry and service.

  URACA is one of the pioneers in the field of high-pressure technology, more precisely in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure pumps. For over 125 years, the Swabian family business in Bad Urach has been developing and manufacturing pumps at the highest technical level. These are in use worldwide for many different high-pressure applications and have proven themselves for years in manufacturing, production and cleaning processes.

URACA Plunger Pumpen

  As quality is a top priority for the pump manufacturer, URACA has remained loyal to Germany as a production location and offers an unusually high level of vertical integration.

  URACA combines traditional values such as reliability with high-tech and a forward-looking perspective. URACA is the perfect partner when it comes to high-pressure technology.

URACA Plunger Pumpen


  Plunger pumps

  Pressure intensifier

  Hand operated test pumps


  Bypass valve

  Pressure maintaining valve

  Check valve

  Safety valve

  Switch-over valves

  Overflow valve

  Consumer shut-off valve

  Closure valve

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