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  HACH company was founded in 1947, the product by global users are widely used in semiconductor ultrapure water, pharmaceutical/power and other industrial water purification, drinking water, groundwater, surface water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, and other fields, and its broad product line covers laboratory qualitative/quantitative analysis, site analysis, flow analysis, analysis of online test. Product has the measurement precision, reliable running, simple operation, low maintenance, compact structure, etc. Hash (HACH) company has been committed to make chemical analysis process more convenient, faster, more reliable. Especially all kinds of packing type out-of-the-box chemical reagent package, not only for accurate chemical analysis provid a reliable quality assurance, also for the user to save the precious time and human resources.

  HACH company (HACH) for the full range of products including the laboratory analyzer, portable analyzer and on-line analyzer, automatic water sampler, flow meter, etc., we are committed to for the pure water/ultrapure water, drinking water, municipal sewage and industrial waste water, industrial circulating water, environmental monitoring and scientific research in colleges and universities, and other customers with the optimal water quality monitoring in the field of solutions. We are very pay attention to technological innovation, is committed to provide users with high precision instruments and expert services, now our company in the US, Europe, and Asia has a strong r&d team. As many as 527 we have obtained patents, covering over 130 patent families, but also has more than 100 kinds of hash test method was approved by US EPA. Our "fluorescence determination of dissolved oxygen (do) technology is a major breakthrough within the field of water quality analysis. Guardian Blue pipe network water quality monitoring system has been get R&D magazine 100 one of the most important technology research and development new product award.

  Now HACH is the United States Danaher group subsidiary, is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, is the design and manufacture of hydrology and water quality monitoring instrument professional manufacturers as a world leader in water quality, hydrological monitoring instrument.

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  HACH COD or BOD analyzer, HACH spectrophotometer, HACHPH acidity meter, HACH conductivity instrument, HACH dissolved oxygen meter, HACH turbidity meter, total chlorine HACH residual chlorine