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  American ACE bearing company, founded in 2000, is a large-scale professional manufacturer for bearing production, mainly engaged in all kinds of ball bearing slide series products. Those products have a wide range of applications in various industries and there are commonly used tool in industry. While actively researching and developing to meet the new varieties of industrial and mining enterprises, ACE Company still to ensure product quality, they also has a large number of stable customers throughout the world.

  ET L - 1232 - KR bearing products can be used to broadcast system, fire fighting and traffic equipment, molding, outdoor equipment, organic raw materials, fruit and vegetable processing, sleep monitoring, cutting machine, static dust control, bearing drive, multi-tool lathes, wind shower room, shaft and broaching machine, speed reducer, hydraulic joints, logistics equipment, cylinder standard, oil grease, etc.

  AET cylindrical roller bearing structure is very simple, it is also easy to maintain. AET bearing not only can bear radial load, but also can withstand a certain amount of axial load. If the bearing radial clearance becomes large, it will have the performances of the contact ball bearing. Then it can withstand a large axial load at this time. AET cylindrical roller bearing has small friction coefficient, extreme high speed, and the range of size and form, etc. All of them can all be varied.

  Before installation can AET cylindrical roller bearings without heating and cleaning, and also bearing lubrication cannot have in use. The best working temperature is -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

  AET cylindrical roller bearing can be used in the precision instruments, automobile motorcycle and various machine, is a kind of widely used bearings. AET bearing's best-selling models mainly include: L - 1230 - KR, NU2240, L - 1311 - KR, L - 1320 - KR, L - 1326 – KR.