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  RAHMANN drives are used for adjusting and control operations all over the world.

  Since 1961 our actuators have been used for mining, steel production and power station construction.

  Today, we also manufacture our products for the broad range of materials-handling and traffic engineering.


  RAHMANN electric actuators have been well-proven throughout the years - even under most difficult conditions of use and meteorological conditions. Thanks to our extensive know-how and experience in production, we are able to comply with specific requirements of individual customers. We do not offer solutions off-the-shelf, but provide customized solutions satisfying the system requirements of our customers flexibly.


  RAHMANN Electric Actuators:

  Electric Actuator Type EL

  Electric Actuator Type GL

  Electric Actuator Type EL and GL

  Electric Actuator GW/UGW.. 12/24 VDC

  Electric Actuator GET.. 12/24 VDC

  Electric Linear Actuator T/K

  Electric Linear Actuator LT

  Electric Actuator LZ

  Electric Actuator Type LZ Servo Drive

  Electric Actuator Type LZ Stepping Motor Drive

  Electric Actuator Type LZ Positioning Drive

  Special Designs of Electric Linear Actuators