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  British Fenner Power Transmission company specializing in the production of high quality Transmission parts, main products are FENFLEX elastic coupling

  British FENFLEX elastic tire coupling is a high flexibility of the flexible coupling, by selecting the coupling of the connecting flange can give designers and engineers in wide variety of choices, so as to adapt to different applications.

  FENFLEX tyre coupling flange F&H and B type, locking ring taper sleeve is installed or guiding drilling flange. Can be applied to any size you need.

  FENFLEX M series coaxial gearbox is the culmination of many years of professional technology. To be used in the design of a variety of circumstances, it combines with high efficiency and high reliability of bearing capacity, and use of the highest quality materials and compounds.

  000:1 ratio from 5 to 1 ~ 11, 11.00 nanometres

  High leverage ratios, to save energy and operation cost

  Interchangeable with other vendors, size

  Adapters use IEC standard interface, innovation of the motor

  Emissaries motor reducer, oil removal do not overflow

  Provide the ATEX certification

  Feet, or flange installation

  All kinds of parts can be support the scope of fenner chain drive. Chain accessories include: chain length the end chain is used to draw together, allowing rapid insertion connection and simple installation, needle extraction is easy to use tool chain is divided into required length, can be used in almost any size and make the roller chain, the chain tensioner is simple to use tools, to achieve the best drive performance to keep the correct chain tension chain lower resonant frequency

  Fenaflex coupling can increase an intermediate device so as to meet the requirements of the standard distance between diameter of axle, convenient maintenance of centrifugal pump.

  Rubber tires can be applied to - 50 ℃ to 50 ℃ environment temperature. Can also choose to polymerization of chloroprene rubber tire is suitable for the special case, applicable temperature 15 ℃ to 70 ℃

  Fenaflex product specifications:

  F40 F50 / F60 F70 / F80 F90 / F100 F110 / F120 F140 / F160 F180 / F200 / F220 / F250