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  Nadella was founded, with the name of Nadella Cuscinetti S.p.A., in 1963 as the Italian branch of a French manufacturer of needle bearings. Initially the office began as a distribution and sales point.

  After a few years the office undertook the design and manufacture of its own products based initially on demands from the automotive market and later into more diverse applications. The traditional commercial activity of Nadella consisted in sale of needle bearings produced in French, after that new interesting lines of products were developed. These products are mainly linear guide systems, linear actuators, adjusting nuts and angle gear boxes. Design and production of linear guide systems are not only oriented to standard products, but also to custom solutions for specific customer applications.


  For this purpose our Technical Office, besides the “Research and Development” activity, supply also the customer assistance for all aspects of the bearing system application engineering. The main office is in Milan, in Via Melette n16, and includes the Technical, Commercial and Administration Offices.

  The manufacturing plant (with the raw materials warehouse) is sited in Concorezzo (MI), in Via Del Lavoro n7. Nadella is available abroad with the Nadella GmbH branch in Germany and a wide sales network.



  Linear Guide Systems:Wide range of rails produced in steel or aluminium and steel, with rollers and sliders, for moving heavy and light loads at high speeds.

  Belt Actuators:A complete range of belt actuators, with integrated roller guide and toothed belt drive system.

  Needle Roller Bearings:Needle roller bearings, cam followers, rollers, thrust bearings, precision combined bearings, needle bushes, needles…

  Adjusting Nuts:Precision nuts for adjusting pre-load g and locking all type of bearings.

  Telescopic Line:Wide range of telescopic slides and linear ball rails