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  Top quality – Trusted worldwide.

  Whether it is energy recovery from gas, oil, water, industrial furnace construction, the chemical industry, mineralogy and more, Uni-Geräte valves are trusted and used all over the world in a variety of systems.

  At Uni-Geräte we cover all standard requirements and fittings, ranging from of valves with magnetic or pneumatic drives, flow control butterfly valves, flow control valves and flow control slides. We also offer custom tailored systems and special solutions, for our customers that can be applied to various gas or liquid applications depending on the model.

  We export our know-how from the heart of Europe to the whole world.


  3/2-way valve

  Double solenoid valve, nc

  Electric double pneumatic valve, nc

  Solenoid valve, nc

  Solenoid valve, no

  Electropneumatic valve, nc

  Electropneumatic valve, no

  Magnetic drive

  Flow control valve

  Flow control butterfly valve

  Flow control slides

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