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  Nikema s.r.l. was founded in 1977, with the objective of promoting the made in Italy technologic innovation and research in pneumatic fastening tools industry. It extends itself on an area of more than 10.000 square meters and in its buildings, thanks to the most updated CNC robot systems, they manufacture staplers, headless pinners, bradders, T-nailers, strip nailers, coil nailers, corrugated fastener tools and special tools.

  The idea of concentrating internally the projecting, production and distribution of its products revealed to be winning: Nikema is today present in more than 50 international markets, with more than 400 models of tools that range from the light staplers for upholstery to the robust nailers for construction and heavy packaging industry and since 2005 it manufactures also wire welded coil nails.

  During these 30 years Nikema, indeed, with its strong propension towards continuous growth and innovation, has been specializing in supplying “complete packages” from project to finished product, for the realization of adapted and personalised fastening systems according to the requests of the customers, as the pay-off plays “Nikema – the Made in Italy custom made for you ”.