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  Lechler GmbH is a family business based in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company develops and manufactures spray nozzles of different materials for various applications and is among the leading companies in the world market.

  For over 125 years, Lechler products have earned a reputation for excellent quality. The decisive factor was always to meet our customers' requirements through technical knowledge, experience and the firm will to find a better solution and often to exceed requirements.

  Pneumatic atomizing nozzles (Twin fluid nozzles)

  Hollow cone nozzles

  Full cone nozzles

  Flat fan nozzles

  Solid stream nozzles

  Air nozzles

  Tank cleaning nozzles

  Nozzles for Broadcast Spraying

  Nozzles for Space Crops

  Nozzles for Fertilizer Applications

  Nozzles for Special Applications

  Tank and container cleaning nozzles

  Flue-gas Desulphurisation

  Gas Conditioning

  Droplet separators