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Jean Mueller

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Jean Mueller

  Since its formation in the year 1897 by Jean Mueller, head office and main production sites of Jean Mueller GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik are based in Eltville near Rhein. In this company - grown over more than one hundred years - tradition and advance are closely connected.

  Advance reflects in constant development and progress of our products, tradition in our lasting customer relationships.

  Starting with the production of fuse-links, followed by low voltage switchgear, assemblies and current distribution components, Electronic monitoring and energy management systems complement today product portfolio.

  THE NAME FOR SAFETY commits us to quality. We offer individually agreed and innovative solutions for electrical energy distribution.

  Main products: JEAN MUELLER

  Switch: NH article type fuse disconnector, NH fuse disconnector, SASILplus, 60 mm busbar system,

  Electronics: Powerlizer VARIO, panel meters, PLSemo, software, and terminals

  Power supply enclosure

  Low voltage and high voltage fuse: photovoltaic low voltage and high voltage fuse, fuse, semiconductor protection fuse, D type fuse, IKUS HV HRC fuse

  JEAN MUELLER other products: low voltage fuse, high-voltage fuse, fast fuse, fuse isolator and the base, load switch, plug with fuse, fuse switches, all types of boxes, compensation system

Jean Mueller