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  For 30 years the DI-SORIC corporate group is specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation. Thanks to continuous innovations a vast product range is available, which is completed by high-value LED-lightings, machine vision and ID systems. The family owned company currently employs over 180 members of staff.

  The headquarters is located in Urbach – east of Stuttgart, Germany. The development and production site is in Lüdenscheid – south of Dortmund, Germany.

  Our customers include small and medium sized companies as well as international groups and numerous car manufacturers. Our products have unique selling points which are of great benefit to our customers. Special highlights are the well-known fork light barriers which were invented by DI-SORIC over 20 years ago and are constantly further developed.

  DI-SORIC main products:

  DI-SORIC sensor: diffuse photoelectric switch, mirror reflection, diffuse reflection sensor, sensor, the correlation detection switch type sensor, laser distance LAT 51... LAT 61... LHT 9-45... Detection switches, fiber amplifier, color screen, groove type photoelectric switch, horn type, photoelectric switch, frame type and annular photoelectric switch, annular and tube type sensors, proximity switches, capacitive liquid level sensor, label switch, magnetic sensitive switch, clamping system displacement sensors, optical sensors, optical displacement sensor, optical displacement sensor, optical displacement sensor, optical displacement sensor

  DI-SORIC industrial illuminant: point light, back light, strip light, ring light, dark field source, stainless steel light, ultraviolet light (UV light source, and coaxial light, Flash controller

  DI-SORIC Vision system: Vision Sensors, bar code identification system.