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  DEBNAR (Germany) mainly engaged in electrical switch panel engineering, measurement and control engineering, and provides customer with analog and digital measuring instrument.

  DEBNAR product’s range contains all the commonly used measuring instrument and special equipment, according to the customer's specifications. Short delivery time and best practices support, is the challenge we face every day, in order to satisfy our global customers.

  DEBNAR products:

  Simulation tools: power and reactive power meter, rectangle tool and Frequenvy instrumentation

  Measurement sensors: AC/DC current, voltage, active and reactive power, phase Angle, frequency, temperature, isolation amplifier

  Current transformer, plug-in type current transformer, current transformer, current transformer casing

  Inside the shell of current transformer and measuring sensor: measuring sensor and integrated current transformer, clip-on measurement transducer ASK transformer

  DEBNAR voltage transformer: unipolar or bipolar isolation

  Counter: 48 x48mm, 48 x24mm, 52 x52mm, 72 x72mm, 96 x96mm, unit on the DIN rail

  DEBNAR time relay: to prevent the voltage and current limit

  Rotary CAM switch, voltage ammeter switch

  Temperature sensor PT100 sensor, thermocouple

  DEBNAR digital instrument: current, voltage, frequency, temperature, resistance, BCD, SPS