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In the mid 1980s, COSTECH began to apply the skills and experience to different fields, including air pollution, and waste reduction and recycling, biomass energy and extract high quality raw materials.

  COSTECH’s challenge is through continuous research and development of alternative energy to achieve sustainability, the goal is to develop the corresponding technical solutions to meet the most basic standards of sustainability.

  COSTECH has always been providing customers innovative technical solutions, or to develop new solutions, or to the existing schemes are improved significantly. COSTECH pay a special attention to the following areas:

  COSTECH analytical instruments: based on the analysis of instrument design and manufacture of COSTECH walk on the international front. Its production equipment is mainly used for basic chemical analysis and other experiment and application of process control.

  COSTECH air and contaminants: COSTECH in adsorption and desorption materials with cutting-edge technology, to design and build applications of purify air and material analysis.

  COSTECH energy recycling: COSTECH it in many areas of integration experience, developed to achieve substantial energy recovery system. Including COSTECH develop and build very efficient pyrolysis solutions, let COSTECH its rich experience for a variety of processes and materials.

  Materials recycling: COSTECH developed from various sources of waste separation and extraction of high quality components of innovative technology solutions.

  COSTECH main products:

  ECS 4010 n/protein analyzer

  As a kind of advanced design platform has CHNSO element analysis and the nitrogen/protein determination. It is based on its operation - from the sampling signal detection - is controlled by the microprocessor automatic analysis unit. It represents the "flash burning/chromatographic separation and detection technology" elements in the analysis of the development of technology.

  Traditionally, automatic tool in CHNSO element analysis has been divided into two groups: micro and macro element analysis. Micro samples of EA easily through the use of advanced automated tool, using the technology of burning/gas chromatography analysis.

  CHNSO stable isotopes require a sampling system, not with nitrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere pollution sample, especially work at very low levels. Need of advanced, highly stable catalyst, in order to avoid any material exchange between the combustion gases.

  In order to improve the throughput, reduces the maintenance time and into this, a simple approach to the design of the analyzer is essential, especially all the macro to the combustion gas detection system is divided or dilution of the sample analysis.

  COSTECH automatic sampler - zero gap automatic sampler

  Zero gap automatic sampler developed by COSTECH, use "carousel" seal design. All the samples at the same time cleared helium gas in a closed cavity. This eliminates any nitrogen (atmospheric) on the background of the conveyor belt sampler, when it moves down to reactor in the sample, it is import.