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  AUTOGARD founded in London in the 1930s, the predecessor is the GIB Precision, we are proud for its long history. Continuously pursue progress is eager to make the company changed its name to AUTOGARD, also the production areas from aircraft parts to advanced torque limiter (torque limiter, the torque limiter), power transmission shaft coupling, power monitor, and torque sensor.

  AUTOGARD has always insisted on quality in order to makes AUTOGARD has a certain reputation. We constantly strive to meet the changing and growing demand of the engineering and power transmission products market. Torque limiter (torque limiter, torque limiter) is still our company's staple products. As we continue to launch innovative products, AUTOGARD UK has continuously strengthening themselves in the torque limiter (torque limiter, torque limiter), power transmission couplings, torque and power monitoring device monitors equipment manufacturing and supply of the market leader status.

  AUTOGARD products include: Bellows couplings, precision flexible couplings, ball-type torque limiter, precision ball torque limiters, high torque limiter, servo motor special couplings, safety clutch, torque limiter.