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AKO pinch valve, temperature control valve [ 72 ] << Return list

  AKO (AKO) is a company with 60 years of producing self-acting, self-pressure regulating valve, mechanical temperature sensors and viscosity measurement and control equipment. It’s a famous and has long history company. Its products are widely used in water and oil cooling system, such as: large diesel engines, transmission box, turbine lubrication systems, pumps and compressors, air compressor, a large transformer insulating oil, refrigeration (cold storage, large refrigeration systems), TV surveillance systems, steel production lines, power plants.

  Since 1946, AKO Control Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of pressure and temperature control equipment and control instrumentation and measurement, control, Newton and quasi-Newtonian viscosity of the medium of the instrument. AKO Company can provide products and system solutions to meet customer special requirements. looking forward to the challenge of solving specific problems, especially to solve difficult problems, to provide for users with more cost-effective, more practical instruments and equipment!

  AKO Pinch Valves are characterized by products, including almost all of the nominal size of the guarantee through the free flow. Pinch valve is thus minimal friction and blockage taps. Another reason to choose a pinch valve is its light weight, compact design, and it is also very easy to install / installation permission.

  2 temperature control valve, 3 temperature control valve (flange), 3 temperature control valve (with screw) thermal sensors, electronic control ,valve ,relief valve with diaphragm control check valve/metal bellows differential pressure control valve (3 -, 2 -)

  The main AKO valves have pinch valve, knife gate valve, expansion valve, all apply to the material cut off.

  1, pipe clamp valve: suitable for grain, sand, pulp, fiber material, high viscosity medium corrosive wear resistance, water treatment systems, pneumatic feeding system, bunker system. Mainly used in: the cement industry, bunker manifold, pigment and granular material, ceramic, glass, plastics industry and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry (sanitary clamp tube valve), brewing industry, mining metallurgy (alumina)

  AKO has a mechanical, electric, pneumatic clamp is mainly tube valve。

  2, knife gate valve: mainly used in food and beverage, chemical equipment, mining, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power, three material processing, alumina industry.

  3, the expandable type seat can compensate the abrasion of disc and seat, longer service life of the valve, low torque requirements, large seal contact area, double shaft seal, multiple bearing, for security monitoring.

  AKO is applicable to cut various materials.