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  AIR WORK Pneumatic Components Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic components manufacturers. AIR WORK pneumatic Co., LTD. relying on advanced technologies for the automation industry,so it can provide for their customers high reliability, long life, high-quality pneumatic products.

  The rage of valves is also divided into two categories, normalized valves and not normalized. The valves complying with the norms are according to ISO 5599/1 and Namur. The wide range of valves not complying with any norms includes: electrically actuated valves, pneumatic actuated, manual actuated, mechanical actuated and a series of auxiliary valves and accessories for the control of air. All valves are realized in aluminium alloy in order to grant resistance and stability during time, a guideline that Air Work follows since the beginning of its story.

  AIR WORK products are widely used in light industry, textile, printing and dyeing, food, packaging, printing, plastics, chemicals, electronics Car equipment industry , it can provide excellent performance for pneumatic products.