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  ADAMCZEWSKI Insulation Amplifier Overvoltage Protectors

  The headquarters of ADAMCZEWSKI is located in Hamburg, Germany. The company buys products, instruments and spare parts in Germany through industry.

  ADAMCZEWSKI offers a wide range of products for industrial users. In measuring and automation technology we have the experience of the decade. We do research with the user on the supply of water, electricity, gas supply, and the cooperation of production with construction, identify the best product structure and innovative technology.

  ADAMCZEWSKI offers tailor-made solutions for users, and also offers special equipment with many frequencies, impulse technology and application specific.

  main products;

  Isolation Amplifier(initiative)* DC and DC quantity

  Repeater Station Supply integrated power translators,

  To measure the signal from the dangerous area

  AC Isolation Amplifier(active element) -Changing Size

  Isolation Transformer(passivity)*DC Quantity Without auxiliary energy

  Size of AC Isolation Transformer(passivity) -Without auxiliary power switch

  Launcher version to signal DC DC and Pt100

  Transmitter Sensor Remote transmitter PT 100 DC voltage

  Measurement of the food signal Failure alarm

  Multiple sensors "check VARIO" programmable transmitter and liquid crystal

  Vario and VARIOLOGY indicators or data recorders(1-8 channel)

  Frequency Processing Simulation of frequency inverters and frequency converters

  Pulse Processing Pulse Distributor Amplifier Coupling Relay

  Performance Measurement Active and reactive power(1-3-Stage)

  Visual display of an error Message warnings or operating conditions

  Increase protection Used for power supply and signal measurement

  Relay and coupling Relay 4-6-8 Relay.